Chris North Charity Trial 2018

Open Club trial to raise funds for British Heart Foundation




April 2018



College Farm

Lower Quinton CV37 8SH

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Chris North Charity Trial 2018

The third running of the Chris North Charity Trial was again a great success!

The rain held off and the sun made an appearance for a change, though the going was heavy in places due to all the recent wet weather. In fact getting between some of the sections was often more challenging than the sections themselves.

The A route was won by Brett Harbud on 14 points, Aspen Hopkins in 2nd on 32 (both Youth A riders) with Steven Harris in 3rd also on 32 just losing out longest clean run.

The B route was won by Dean Basford on an impressive 1 point with Tim Wheeler in 2nd on 4 and Robert Faulkner in 3rd just behind on 5 points.

The C route was close too – Roger Jones was 1st tied with Ken Obrien in 2nd, both on 20 points separated only on longest clean run. Steven Reece was 3rd with 22 points.

Full results are available at the link above.

With the poor weather earlier in the week we had to make the decision to call off the conducted route.


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