The Colmore Cup 2018

A round of the 2018 ACU S3 Parts Trials Championship




March 2018



The College Arms

Lower Quinton CV37 8SG

Event Information

We had amazing weather this year for the Colmore Cup in 2018 – no one can really remember having sunshine for the Colmore in years – snow, sleet and rain is more common.

The ground was better going than we expected with all the rain and snow we’ve had recently so the scores were close. I don’t think we’ve ever had as many tie-breakers.

On the hard route for Classes A, B and C the top three were:

  1. Richard Sadler (Class A) on 3 points – Colmore Cup Winner
  2. Ross Danby (Class C) on 4 points (36 cleans)
  3. Guy Kendrew (Class A) also on 4 points  (35 cleans)

On the easier route for Class D riders the top three were:

  1. Ian Wakeford on 3 points
  2. Darren Wasley on 4 points (longest clean run of 29 sections)
  3. John Cowley also on 4 points (longest clean run of 28 sections)

Darren and John were tied on points, number of cleans, number of 1s and number of 2s and could only be separated by the narrowest of margins: who put their foot down first – Darren managed to hold out for just one more section.

There are many other tie-breaks in the full results which you can find at the link above.

Thanks go to all who helped and in particular all the landowners who help make this great event happen.

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