Sam Cooper Union Jack Trial 2018

A Classic Trial for Pre-65, Rigids and Twinshocks




June 2018



The College Arms

Lower Quinton CV37 8SF

Event Information

The Sam Cooper Union Jack Trial 2018

A classic trial for Pre-65, Rigid and Twinshock machines.

This year’s Sam Cooper Union Jack Trial was another great event on a hot sunny summer’s day in the Cotswolds.

Thanks to everyone who helped and of course the landowners who make all this possible.

Full provisional results are at the link above – the top 3 on each route are below:

A Route

  1. Steven Harris (4 points)
  2. Tim Blackmore (9 points)
  3. Jolyon Walters (15 points)

B Route

  1. Gerry Minshall (6 points)
  2. Kevin Stannard (10 points)
  3. Keith Wells (12 points)

C Route

  1. Peter Barnett (7 points)
  2. Russell Sprigg (8 points)
  3. Steve Higley (22 points)


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